The Professor is panel comic I’ve been producing daily since January of 2013 which is a spinoff of  an older series I used to draw called, A Cast of Thousands. At first it was simply a personal venture I started doing in order to get back into cartooning, but it’s since taken over my life and I’m unable to stop.

The comic is part social commentary and part silliness. Sometimes it will make fun of the hypocrisies of the masses, and sometimes it’ll just be a plain and silly visual gag. The Professor  hasn’t socially evolved in about 20 years and has trouble coping with his surroundings which are filled with yuppies, health nuts, and social media addicts.  He loves life but can’t help pointing out society’s flaws despite he having many of his own.

I pride myself on the fact that no computers are used in the drawing of The Professor. I like the rough, hand drawn style; it lends itself well to the humor. Having said this please don’t think that I am against using computers for art. I make my living working at a digital animation studio but when it comes to The Professor he must remain traditional, it’s the only way he can work.

So please have a look around the site and enjoy the antics of The Professor.

Pat Patenaude